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There are many issues that we face from how we currently deliver public services, the need to modernise our education system and an energy crisis that has spiralled out of control after years of neglect to plan for a transition away from fossil fuels and to support the needs of industry, transportation, heating our homes and supporting everyday lifestyles.

British Pounds

Insourcing & Controlling Costs

  • Ending outsourcing for repeat work and providing good jobs in the community

  • Employing experts to control spending and standards 

  • Making the spending and dealings of government transparent and making public servants accountable

Community Garden

Creating Communities

  • Delivering a strategy for under-18s (educate, inspire, protect)

  • A goal to eradicate poverty (shelter, nurishment, career and business support, creating independence)

  • Best in class, easy accessible healthcare across the Borough

Installing Solar Panels

Environmental Challenges

  • Air pollution, refuse and recycling

  • Energy

    • Increased energy efficiency

    • EV infrastructure

    • Affordable public transport

    • Transitioning transportation to electric

    • Supporting off-peak travel

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