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Corporate Culture in the Digital Era

Top 10 Green Policies For Local Governments May 2022 - 2026

This discussion paper aims to look at realistic policies that local authorities can deliver in order to help reduce carbon emissions.

Image by Gonz DDL

Addressing the UK's Economic Challenges

Rishi Sunak recently outlined five pledges that have identified some of the major economic challenges facing the UK economy. This discussion paper aims to go further than the Prime Minister and analyse how these can be addressed in terms of both providing policy solutions, but also looking at possible ways to fund them.

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Cost of Doing Business Crisis

This discussion paper has been produced by a study group within Labour Business to highlight the problem of rising
energy costs.


What Would An Extra £200 million Mean To Barnet Residents?

The Conservatives transitioned Barnet Council to what was hailed at the time as a model of privatised service provision.  This paper looks at some of the resulting mismanagement that has resulted in terms of overspend, worse services and fewer Council staff.

Image by Jp Valery
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