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Hertsmere Business Engagement

Between March and August 2023 I formulated and ran a business engagement strategy, in collaboration with SME4Labour, to better understand highstreet businesses across Hertsmere and how they could be better supported by the Council.  Areas reviewed included

  • Business Rates and the impact on the baseline rateable value (RV) threshold going from c. £15,000 to £25,000

  • Local parking restrictions and their impact of business employees and customers

  • Refuse and recylcling services

  • Antisocial behaviour and the local environment (e.g. pavements, litter, CCTV, lighting, quality of the roads etc.)

  • Support around rising energy bills

More than 100 business were engaged and I've been working with the Hertsmere Labour Group to find solutions to the issues faced.


Supporting Frontline Workers

In March 2020 I was in shock over the government’s response to COVID-19.  I wanted to help and so used my China network to bring in PPE to the UK in very challenging conditions.

I went out to bus depots, tube stations, care homes, hospitals, police stations and schools to hand out medical grade PPE.

I was able to donate over £50,000 worth and over 100,000 units of PPE.


Business Enterprise Hub

After actively supporting Labour to secure victory in the May 2022 Local Government elections, I've been working with Councillors to help deliver an entrepreneurial oasis by 2024 that generations of Barnet residents can benefit from.  The hub aims to

1. Provide a cost effective infrastructure that creates local jobs, training and business support.
2. Ensure an attractive space for local entrepreneurs to get established and supported.
3. Source long term support from local and national government as well as strategic private sector partnerships to deliver funding and support.

We can use the blueprint to deliver a similar project in Hertsmere.


(Attempting to) Inspire Future Generations

I'm incredibly lucky to have experienced what I have throughout my career.

I've always tried to share knowledge and experience and have been giving talks to students since I was in my early 20s in the UK and abroad.

I'm delighted to see that many schools across England are now preparing teens for life after education which wasn't the case for me when I was at secondary school.  

As a school governor, I've seen the pressure that schools are under and it will be a great focus of mine to overhaul our education system to better prepare children for the competitve world they live in.

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